Transgender’s Financial Inclusion

Financial inclusion is where every individual has access to beneficial and reasonable economic products and services. Although men and women have this opportunity to access to such economic services, but transgenders didn’t have. So far till April 2018, Supreme Court passed the judgment that Pan card will include third gender option, transgenders didn’t have PAN Cards. Earlier Pahal Welfare Society made 390 transgenders access to Aadhar card, and then many of the transgenders found difficulties towards making PAN Card. Since not having PAN cards, they could not link their PAN cards with their bank accounts.

Transgenders belong to the same world, same human race, still they are living an abandoned life which they don’t deserved. Pahal Welfare Society along did three meetings and advocacy with the private brokers, after many struggles the found a broker who agreed to help and make the PAN Cards without the commission he usually used to take, with Rs69/- and required documents, total 35 PAN Cards were made in 2014. It is very difficult for them to work and earn money, and they always cut the corners while surviving, in order to save money in an accurate way, Pahal Welfare Society helped 110 transgenders to open their own bank accounts. In 2015, after two meeting of advocacy with the bank manager of Bank of Baroda, 110 accounts were opened. Now, they have their voter ID cards, Aadhar Cards, Pan Cards even bank accounts and each of these represents their own identity. They don’t really get caught between two stools, all their documents recognize them as transgenders.