Gender Identity to Transgenders

Usually, we ordinary men say, ‘AADHAR CARD HAI APNA ADHIKAR’ but this AADHIKAR seems like accessible to men and women only. What about the transgenders? They are still striving to get their own identity. How they earn, how they manage to get food for themselves is the second concern, their life is more difficult because they have to go through identity crises or gender dysphoria. Pahal Welfare Society decided to spread equity not by fulfilling the desires of privileged humans, but by providing the basic and most important needs of underprivileged humans. Who are the humans of Pahal? The underprivilege persons, are they SCs, STs, OBCs, migrants, or refugees? There are transgenders, born in the same society, same nation, same category, sometimes same family you belong still being neglected by everyone.

Before this, Pahal Welfare Society gave them the right to vote, they also spread their word of humanity, which sensitized everyone not to humiliate transgender. But that was not enough, the journey is just started. In the year of 2014, Pahal welfare had to come across a lot of struggle, arguments, and not so small talk with DM of East Delhi. Mr Shukla and Mr Pradeep used to go to DM’s office, and it was not easy to do what was not even think of done before. Many times, they were snubbed by the office members. But, they didn’t lose hope, after around 6 major and some minor meetings of advocacy with DM of East Delhi they got the permission for giving the transgenders the right to hold Aadhar Card. Not one, two, fifty or hundred, but 390 transgenders get their Aadhar card by this advocacy by Pahal Welfare.

One of those 390 transgenders is JANVI TAMAG who thinks herself lucky said, “It feels good to be a part of Hijra community but only for initial time. I felt good and accepted when I joined this community, I found my kind of people, I could express myself better over there, but there are two sides of Hijra community, if you want to survive you will have to bear what you don’t deserve. Then, I left the community, it’s been 5 years now I am with Pahal. I still remember the day when I got my Aadhar Card through Pahal NGO, I have been with many other NGOS, but, Pahal was different. As other NGOs only talk about equality, do not serve it. After becoming a part of Pahal Welfare Society, I could feel that they really stand for equality. They helped me through getting Aadhar Card, and other identity proofs. They not only work hard for TGs; their youth organisation also considers underprivileged men and women.”

According to the humans of Pahal, they could not even have Imagined Holding an Identity Proof. But, Pahal Welfare Society made their dream come true, they were happy that they are recognized as transgenders now. One of those 390 transgenders expressed, “We have faced rejection everywhere. whether we got to buy a sim or tickets to travel, nobody considers us as normal human being. Even if we manage anyhow to buy train tickets, in the meanwhile when Ticket checkers ask our voter-id card or Addhar Card to verify our tickets, they never accept us. Either we have to pay extra fine or they throw us out of the window. As the Aadhar Card says, we are men and we choose to dress up and behave like woman. This contradiction has always troubled us. But, now last but not least, we have the fundamental rights. All thanks to Pahal Welfare Society.”