Road Safety Campaign by Transgenders

Many lives are lost out and about across the nation, and consistently, road safety turns out to be increasingly vital to educate to our citizens as they begin their adventure as new drivers. Everybody figures out how to drive before they go to step through their driver’s exam; they take in the principles of the street, how to work their vehicle, what the signs mean, and how to move in various conditions, from overwhelming activity to severe climate. Many of us can overlook the significance of the obligation we go up against as drivers as we progress toward becoming gotten in its routine, and this is just a single way that can make mishaps turn out to be an accident.

While driving, riding, cycling, even walking on the road we share the road with more than thousands of people. Hence, it is important to keep an eye on others, to be watchful of your surroundings along with knowing your own way. We all have read about Road Safety in our schools and colleges. We have learnt how to drive and cross the road properly, still so many accidents occur every day.

We listen to only those people who mean to us, the person we have faith in, will have all our ears. To recognize the understanding of the person, it is important to believe in them. Pahal Welfare decided to merge two major causes and came up with a new idea of prevention.

Transgenders always seek acceptance and society shows them their back as many times as transgenders have shown up. Imagine, you have started late from home today, you were stuck in traffic, already running late and a group of Transgenders stop you. They stop you not to beg of you, not to force you to give them money, but to stand for you. They stopped you for a social cause, cause of Road Safety Campaign. What would be your reaction? Would you stop? Or like always you would fly off at a tangent?

Something exactly like this happened in the month of ———. A group of eight Hijras were trained to educate random people on road about Road Safety and Traffic Rules. Pahal Welfare Society received very positive response. Drivers, riders were stopped by trans women, all the eight transgenders gave instruction of traffic rule by dance movements and loud clapping they make everyone aware of themselves. Hijras were never afraid from speaking their mind in front of public, they are always this bold, but they have been looked down upon because of their work like begging and sex work. But that day, they utilized their qualities for public welfare and promoted road safety. The hijras were viewed and listened by numerous drivers on road as an aggravation, however the new crusade astutely extends them as performers who utilize amusingness to commute home a lifesaving message.

They didn’t expect such response from public. Public was happy and enjoying their initiation towards this, as according to the public that was the first time Hijras were participating for public welfare and at the opposite site Hijras were very happy to participate and to see the response from Public. For the first time they saw respect for themselves in public’s eyes. After this Road Safety Campaign, a lot of transgenders were interested to do their own work or to do respectably. So that the respect they saw in public’s eyes that day, they get to see every day.