Pahal – Nurturing Lives

Our History

2008-11 : Health camps and awareness on health issues in rural areas of western Uttar Pradesh.
2012-16 : Worked with 1000 youth of Transgender Community for health ,advocacy and livelihood Support.
2017 onward with a new team:

Started working on ‘Youth Mentorship’ Program

Continued working for Transgenders livelihood  under project ‘Astitva’.


To create favorable environment for deprived youth to attain sustainable and realistic goals in life


Give direction to deprived youth towards attaining their goals through continuous mentoring, counseling and livelihood support.



Our Programs

India is a country with 330 million people aged 14-28 years. This large pool of population is in the most critical phase of life. If they are mentored and supported properly, they can lead towards attaining sustainable and realistic goals. They will help the society to be happy, peaceful and progressive.

Youth Mentorship Program is to provide favorable environment to 330 million youth towards sustainable and realistic goals. The core objective of the program is to make the society a happy, peaceful and prosperous to live. After completion of the program the youth will be fulfilling their interests, dreams and passion which will turn them into good citizens.

Transgender community is one of the most vulnerable community starving for their social identity and social acceptance. In society, we are taught about only two genders Male and Female. Transgenders are the people who have one physical gender but follow opposite gender identity.

Sex is what you are born with, gender is what you recognize and sexuality is what you discover. Person’s gender is not simply an aspect of what one is, but more fundamentally, it is something that one does, and does recurrently, in interaction with others. Transgenders in India commonly known as the Hijras are one of the hardly researched, abused, scorned, and callously neglected groups in Indian Society.