Empowering Transgenders

Quest for Identity

Transgenders in India

Total Population: 498000

Transgender: When a person’s gender Identity doesn’t match to his/her physical sex.

Third Gender:  A male with feminine gender Identity.Total population 498000 in India

Family System:      Guru-Chela System

Each guru has at least has 5 chelas.

Chela’s must submit their entire earning to the Guru.

Main livelihood activities


Sex Work

Toli Badhai



Social Work

Gaps and Issues

Transgender community is one of the most vulnerable community starving for their social identity and social acceptance. In society, we are taught about only two genders Male and Female. Transgenders are the people who have one physical gender but follow opposite gender identity. Sex is what you are born with, gender is what you recognize and sexuality is what you discover. Person’s gender is not simply an aspect of what one is, but more fundamentally, it is something that one does, and does recurrently, in interaction with others.

Transgenders in India commonly known as the Hijras are one of the hardly researched, abused, scorned, and callously neglected groups in Indian Society.

Core problems


Health issues


Lack of social acceptance

Legal rights issue

Government documents

Our focus areas

Livelihood Support

Health Support



Empower the  transgender community through gender identity and constitutional human rights for a productive life.


To empower transgender community through livelihood support, health support and advocacy for legal rights.


Astitva Programs

Transgender’s Entrepreneurship development 

Transgender’s livelihood exchange 

Transgender’s access to public health facilities  

Legal rights and Social Acceptance for Transgenders