Position: Mentorship Manager

Location: Karjan

Work time: 9:30 am to 5.30 pm (Monday to Saturday)

Candidate must be open to travel within district or nearby district.


Key responsibilities: 

  1. To conduct Psychometric tests for the students.
  2. To do Psychometric analysis and make report for each student.
  3. One to one personal career counselling of all the enrolled youth, based on the psychometric report.
  4. To Ensure Mentorship session of the youth.
  • Identification and selection of mentors.
  • Prepare Mentor -Mentee Meeting calendar.
  • Plan mentors meeting with youth and ensure Mentorship sessions.
  • Collect feedback from mentors.
  1. Ensure counselling Workshops with parents.
  2. Maintain individual growth and career planning file for each youth and update regularly.
  3. Ensure timely execution of life skills sessions and constantly take feedback on the conducted sessions.
  4. Support team in Mobilisation Activities.
  5. Send weekly reports to the reporting program Manager.



  1. Conducting tests and doing Psychometric Analysis of each youth.
  2. Maintaining Career Planning and Growth file of each youth.
  3. Reporting timely execution of life skills sessions.
  4. Mentorship session’s reports.
  5. Parents counselling.
  6. One to one counselling of each youth.
  7. Submit Plan and progress reports.


  1. A. in psychology (Clinical psychology) with experience of 2 years. Experience in testing and counselling is preferred.
  2. Fluent in Gujarati in addition to Hindi and English.
  3. Comfortable with field work.
  4. Should have Social inclination
  5. Should have personal two wheeler for commuting.


  1. Presentable, Good communication skills
  2. Person should be extrovert and outspoken.
  3. Good in problem solving skills.
  4. Comfortable in flexible work culture.
  5. Comfortable in documenting reports.
  6. Good in relationships building and networking.

 Payment and Facilities:

₹18000 to ₹ 24000 per month depending on experience and potential