Dance Performance at NSD by Transgenders – Kala Mandali

National School of Drama is one of the foremost platforms in all over the country, in fact in the world. Artists who get to perform on the stage of National School of Drama are already well skilled as well as acknowledged. Usually professional dancers and actors are seen performing on that auspicious stage. Transgenders who are usually considered as disgraceful, presented themselves as artists for the first time. Art has no gender, and few transgenders proved it. When audience saw the performers are from the community, they were blown away but, one thing they acknowledge for the foremost time, that is endeavour is to offer equal opportunities to everybody from all paces of life. It is the socially constructed and organized facades hinder society and further, it leads human beings to the societal facades and swear off progress. Pahal Welfare Society is known for forerunning initiatives, they were wondering if they could find some other and different way to make transgenders feel grateful. Spending so much time, more than 18 hours a day makes it clear that most of the transgenders love to dance. Some of them dance while doing Toli Badhaiying, and other had to lock themselves into a dark room to give wings to their dream. Transgenders didn’t get the chance to perform publicly, there are as fervent as other people in the society, they just get the opportunity to be themselves.

Pahal Welfare Society came up with the idea of Indian Classical Dance Performance by few transgenders. Their exhilarating performance left everyone’s heart with so much love and acceptance for transgenders. That day they felt complete, not because the audience fulfilled the negated life but, because they accepted them completely.

In a place like Delhi, where prehistoric & modern, openness & pretence, and many antithetical things bend together, people anyhow manage to survive. In this most competitive city there are hundreds of people who have been blocked off the competitions. They are transgenders. When the entire city was rushing towards success, many transgenders were fighting for survival, most of them were supposed to beg of men and women, three of them found the courage to slit their way through the mass and get to dance rehearsals. For the first time, the golden chance to express themselves were availed to them. They make hours of journey and reach to rehearse, not only dancing but the song they danced on was self-composed. I have personally met many transgenders, while talking about their interests most of them want to be dancers, artists and models also. Trans women have a lot of talents to show, they just get the opportunity. Even when they dance while doing Toli Badhaying, people barely pay respect to them.

विधाता तो हमारे एक है,

विधाता तो हमारे एक है,

हमे सबकी दुआओ के लिए बनाया है ।

हम दुआए देते है,

बेहतरीन ज़िन्दगी के लिए ।

These were the main words of their song, through the self-composed song and dance performance, trans women depicted stories of their lives tossed in, and because of this show was remarkable and pathbreaking. The song says, the almighty God is same, we all worship to the same God. Even our society believes that they are divine creature, there blessings mean a lot to us then why do we look down to them when they seek acceptance? They pray for us and bless us for our good fortune but, unfortunately, they themselves can’t afford a better life.

That day, after a lot of hard work, wait was over the day came with joy, happiness and opportunity. It was the unforgiving summer of June month, but to those transgenders even intense heat waves were coming with pleasant whether, cold bites and dodgy rains.