Employability Enhancement Program Karjan

Pahal has launched its Employability Enhancement Program (EEP) in Karjan Block (Vadodara) on 3rd October, 2018. During the course of our pilot project, we are providing vocational training for Nursing Assistants along with  months of Youth Mentorship. This Mentorship includes psychometric analysis, one-on-one Counselling, life skill training & support in livelihood and career planning. We are being ably supported by Smt. Malini Kishore Sanghvi Homeopathic Hospital & Educational Complex.

Our first batch consists of 35 tribal & rural youth from 15 villages in the Block. Subsequently we will follow this up with various Skill Training Programs along with Mentorship, according to the need of the local industry.

Pahal envisions covering the entire 99 villages in Karjan Block. Through this initiative we want to support the surrounding industries by providing them with a pool of employable & productive youth who will be an asset.

About Karjan

Karjan has a very strategic location on the Delhi Mumbai industrial corridor. It is surrounded by the Vadodara and Baruch industrial belt. Karjan is connected to these two cities through a good network of rail & roads. A network of 36 Secondary schools, two ITIs and one private vocational institute provides education & skill training to the children & youth of Karjan Block. In its radius, it has two GIDC located in Pore and Palaj. The youth in this area have limited livelihood opportunities. Most of them have options of working as laborers in agricultural fields or as unskilled labor in factories. Some run their own small businesses. Unfortunately, the women have few opportunities as they are mostly not allowed to venture out for a job. The few that have jobs, work in only female employed industries like the cut vegetable processing company. The women in the lower strata have no option but to work as laborers in the fields because they need the money. A very small minority of women who are empowered by their husbands & families work in private & government run health and awareness schemes.

Karjan Population


Number of Households


Male Population

Female Population

Children Population


Population density/km



Male Literacy

Female Literacy

Scheduled Tribes (ST) %

Scheduled Caste (SC) %





86,366 (51.54%)

81,213 (48.46%)


596.25 km2









Partnership with Malini Kishor Sanghvi Hospital and Education Complex

Pahal partnered with Malini Kishor Sanghvi Hospital and Education Complex to Train and Mentor 100 rural youth in two phase:

1. Skill Training and Mentorship of 60 Youth in General Duty Assistant (Nursing Assistant)

2. Mentorship and Employment support to the  60 ITI youth.

Pahal started work in Karjan on 13th August and aspire to expand the program in 2 more blocks in next year.