Transgenders access to Public Welfare – Gas connection and Water Supply

Ever Since transgenders can remember, they felt ignored and isolated from the rest of the society. Before it was an issue of identity cards, Aadhar card, Pan Card and now it is gas connections. We can only think of their empowerment when they are at normal scale, Pahal Welfare Society had faced a lot of obligation, before talking about social acceptance they thought to give transwomen the right to exercise the facilities which other people from society get to exercise. While advocating for giving gas connections to every transwoman, they had to meet Gas connection Agency manager over and over again. After in and around four official meetings of advocacy with the manager, he agrees to give thirty transwomen gas cylinders on the basis of their own documents. In the year of 2015, thirty transgenders get their Gas Connections.

Transgenders were promised to get their gas cylinders in every month exactly how their neighbours get it. This wasn’t it, its getting better of course few challenges remain same, untouched. After setting up with the problem of Gas Connection, transgenders came to Pahal with a new problem. Sometimes, in the quest of conquering the world, we often forget to look over cities. Where if we go one by one, even if it is small, those small cities unite country and countries unite the world. The same procedure was followed by the managers and volunteers of Pahal Welfare Society.

Can you imagine your life without water? Those days, even in the slums there was facility of water supply at least once in two days till now. But, transgenders used to lack there also. Pahal dreamed to fulfil transgender’s dream and they thought they can do it by making them self-employed, getting them respectable job. But, people grow from experience, as much as they started spending time with transgenders they started realizing that this is not how they should be doing.

If you do not have fellow travellers, how can the revolution take place? We cannot break down the societal norms and start all over again. So, they started moving one by one. After gas connection, Pahal talked to Delhi Jal Board and get their water connection done. Transgenders were extremely happy. As most of them don’t expect much from their lives, they have learnt to their lives this way. What all they want is basic necessities, so with this transgender started imagining and further living their lives better. This initiation of Pahal Welfare Society led transgenders of East Delhi on another plateau of empowerment.