Transgender Entrepreneurship

Keeping the fact in mind that in India, transgenders are been marginalised from the society and because of this they can not fill their pockets to the brim.

Have you ever given it a thought that why celebrities get cast for the advertisement? Why an engrossment doesn’t go to any poor man, who could do an advertisement and survive his life better?

We buy the products been advertised by our favourite public figures, why? Because we believe in them, that if they have been advertising the products, they must be good.

Hiring a teacher for your kid, what makes you hire that teacher? His qualifications? No! its again the trust you have that he will do good with your child.

Personal or professional, every give and take relationship starts with belief. Following the same ideology, Pahal Welfare Society didn’t rush for transgenders empowerment and entrepreneurship. To testify the response of customers, three transgenders get involved with Pahal and started the play off. Deepa (a transwoman) was given a responsibility of selling Momos in street sides. They ask the person who used to sit with steamed Momos, and his Momos were always loved by the consumers. Deepa said that she wont cost her part of earning, she just wanted to see the response of the consumer if she is been trusted or not. She sat with the stall like Rama used to do. For the entire day, she sold Momos, and members of Pahal were very happy to see such positive response. No situation is completely Black or completely White, so f course there were people who chose to leave rather eat the Momos Deepa was selling. But, most of them accepted her and that was the sign that she could actually open up a stall and earn by her own.

One of the transgenders named Roopsi was associated with selling Biselari water. Roopsi wasn’t not surprised, but she was shocked that so many people bought Biselri from her. That was the high time for few of transgenders who had little money to invest on their business. As, they started believing in themselves after seeing the positive response of public.

Some of transgenders are to be blamed for their status as we society is, they themselves don’t want to improve nor they want to live better life. May be because they have left with no hope. Celeb Transgenders like Manabi Bandhopadhaya, Laxmi and others have always been role model to them. But, having faith in yourself is what they always lack in and that is why they have not been able to reach there. Roopsi, Deepa, Neha and Namisha gave examples that even belonging to the same community they can raise their vice, then can call out and do good for themselves.

This initiative depicts that if transgenders don’t let the societal pressure dominate them or decide their destiny they can achieve whatever they can. Their hard work, talent, dedicated, individuality and urge towards working can overcome the societal pressure they have to go through.